Obama announces the “It’s On Us” campaign to encourage taking an active stand against sexual assault

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Obama announces the “It’s On Us” campaign to encourage taking an active stand against sexual assault

Paige Chestnut - Staff Writer, Photo courtesy of Google Images

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On Feb. 8, President Barack Obama announced the White House’s “It’s On Us” campaign, which is geared toward ending sexual assault on college campuses. During the 20th Annual Grammy Awards, a 30 second video featured celebrities encouraging viewers and audience members to stop sexual assault. To demonstrate the prevalence of this issue, Obama shared the statistic that one in five women have been victims of rape or attempted rape.

Obama has utilized music artists, actors and athletes in his campaign. The Obama administration has created a plan to combat sexual assault involving a series of steps. The start of the plan involves sending guidance to colleges, universities and school districts to prevent and respond to sexual assault. The next course of action is in collaboration with colleges and universities to create the White House Task Force to protect students from sexual assault and to develop effective practices in addressing sexual assault. The final measure is to review existing laws to ensure that they sufficiently protect victims.

“The campaign is a great idea because it allows people to feel safe and feel like they can tell their story,” said junior Jada Rozelle. “It’s very important to bring awareness to this cause so women and men can feel protected and comfortable coming forward with their story.”

The Education Department’s Office of Civil Rights is currently investigating universities and colleges due to possible violations of federal law regarding sexual harassment. As of Dec. 29, cases at 92 schools have been under investigation. Due to the increasing number of these investigations, the Obama administration has worked to produce multiple advertisements, a website and even a logo for this campaign. The name “It’s On Us” is intended to send the message that everyone should feel comfortable to stand up and report any instances of sexual assault.

“Together we can change our culture for the better, ending violence against women and girls,” said Obama in his address during the Grammys.

President Obama wants men and women across the globe to take a stand against sexual assault. With the amount of celebrities and universities involved in the “It’s On Us” campaign, the president is making a concentrated effort to end sexual abuse in the nation.

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