Candy contraband: Timmy Glasgow busted for selling sweets on campus


Preston Espar - Staff Writer, Veronica Barsoomian - Photographer

There is a dark and ominous cloud that has been looming over Calabasas High for some time now, resulting in a candyless void for the student body. Recently, freshman Timmy Glasgow, who has become infamous for selling candy at lunch, was banned by the administration from doing so. Many people around the Calabasas community were flabbergasted by this announcement.

“Everyone has been affected,” said Glasgow. “I can’t make money through this avenue now, and hundreds of my buyers can’t get cold drinks or snacks throughout the day.”

Students all over Calabasas are outraged that their daily candy fix has been outlawed. They are convinced that Glasgow meant no harm by selling his commodities and that he should continue doing so. Many of his former customers want Glasgow to know that they have his back.

“I feel like it was an unfair thing,” said sophomore Guy Rushinek. “He sold candy to me, my friends and others. We enjoyed it and believed he had done nothing wrong. I don’t get why they banned him from selling it. He was saving up for college, which I think is great.”

Now, Glasgow has to turn away hundreds of students that seek out his products, for he fears that he could face consequences. However, Glasgow believes that he should be able to continue selling his snacks without any interference from the administration.

“The school stopped me because it ‘is against a federal law,’” said Glasgow. “Other than that, I have no idea why.”

Glasgow believes that he has the right to continue selling candy, and other students believe so as well. Students around the school have been commenting #FreeTimmy on his Instagram, @thetimmyglasgow, in support of the student’s entrepreneurship. The overwhelming encouragement and love inspire him to speak out against the people who he believes have stripped away his freedom.

“It makes me want to organize a protest in front of the administration building,” said Glasgow.

For now, Glasgow wants to break the chains that are holding him back. He wants to continue selling his merchandise, but so far, little progress has been made. No matter how hard he tries, it is still up to the administration whether or not he can continue his business. Glasgow acknowledges this and wants the administrators to know that he is willing to compromise with them.

“If the administration lightened up, [I would] definitely continue selling,” said Glasgow. “I would even be willing to cut them some of the profits I make.”

As of now, the dark cloud stays, but Glasgow is determined to bring back the sugary light. He is willing to confront the administration with the support of many CHS students. When asked about who still stands by him after all of this, his answer is crisp and confident.

“Everybody,”said Glasgow. •