CHS starts to tow cars with no parking pass and/or fake passes

Starting on Feb. 8, CHS administration sent multiple warnings to students and parents via Parent Square that cars without parking passes or with fake passes would be towed and/or ticketed. Multiple vehicles were towed throughout the week.

According to CHS policy, only seniors and winners of the junior lottery with valid passes can park in the senior lot. Passes must be displayed on rearview mirrors or dashboards.

“[Administration wants] to be fair to kids with parking passes, so we decided to partner with a towing company to combat people parking without passes,” said Dr. Logan Fox, Assistant Principal of Safety, Facilities and Athletics. “Complaints of parking in the senior lot [have] become common recently.”

The staff lot has also become crowded with students’ cars. Students may only park in the staff lot after 3:30 p.m. each day. In terms of recent towings, administration states that the towing company makes decisions independent of CHS.

“The towing company can come whenever they want, and there is no schedule for them,” said Fox.