Meatless Monday takes away student’s rights to choose their diets

Meatless Monday takes away student's rights to choose their diets

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Gabi Weiss - Entertainment Editor

The Los Angeles Unified School District has recently decided to implement the Meatless Monday concept, which bans students from consuming meat at least one day each week. School cafeterias have stopped serving foods containing meat every Monday. Meatless Monday strips students of their right to choose whether or not they want to eat meat, and most importantly, one day without meat consumption will not make a difference in living a healthier lifestyle.

            When buying lunch at school, students are using their own money to pay for the food that is being served. To restrict students from the option of meat-based meals on Mondays is simply unfair. Paying for the food themselves, students should have the right to choose their desired meal. Instead of taking away a person’s decision whether or not he or she want to eat meat, schools should simply inform students of the effects of meat consumption on the body and allow them to make their own educated decisions regarding what is best for them.
            People believe that the Meatless Monday concept provides motivation to live a healthier lifestyle because some meats have high fat contents, which can result in high blood pressure and cancer. Also, people think that not serving meat one day a week will decrease the amount of animals being killed for food. However, if meat is not being administrated to schools one day a week, it will still be sent to several other markets. Therefore, not serving meat one day a week will hardly affect the number of animals being slaughtered and will not make any difference in one’s nutritional beliefs. According towww.npr.orgthe United States consumes more meat at 270.7 pounds per person each year, more than any other country in the world. If people want to consume meat, whether or not they are given this option at school, they will continue to find ways to eat the meat products they desire.
            Educating students on how to make their own decisions on meat consumption and giving them their right to choose would be a more effective method in reducing meat consumption rather than the Meatless Monday concept. While society has established a negative perception of meat consumption, many people fail to acknowledge the fact that meat is an important aspect in maintaining a healthy and balanced diet.