The holiday season stimulates the economy and enhances cheerful spirits among society

The holiday season stimulates the economy and enhances cheerful spirits among society

Although snow may not cover the streets of Calabasas, brisk winter air and holiday cheer make the winter months the highlight of the year.  During the holiday season, the economy is significantly boosted due to businesses hiring more employees as well as consumers spending money on countless gifts.  Along with economic benefits, the amount of suicides during the winter months is lower than other times of year.  The holiday season is also a popular time for many to participate in volunteer work, which is extremely beneficial to those in need.  The holiday season is all about giving and because of that spirit, most people receive benefits.

With frantic shoppers bustling in and out of malls in an attempt finish their holiday shopping, retailers everywhere are profiting from the sales.  The mall hours during this season are longer than those of the other months, and the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation’s (LAEDC) Associate Economist Kimberly Ritter-Martinez estimates that there will be a national increase of sales by 3.4 percent this holiday season as opposed to years past.  Stores are already beginning to advertise the holidays by airing commercials and putting up decorations months in advance.  Retailers are hoping to attract more shoppers as well as increase sales by advertising earlier this holiday season.

“The mall is always extremely crowded during the holidays,” said junior Emily Eckstein.  “Many people try to avoid the traffic, but the amount of sales is very beneficial to the stores and the economy.”

While stores experience an increase in sales, society as a whole also benefits from the holidays as well.  Recent studies have put the myth of increased amounts of suicides during the holiday season to rest.  According to the National Center for Health Statistics, suicide rates are the lowest in Dec. and the highest in the spring and the fall.  With suicide hot lines only ringing an average of about 40 times on Christmas Day, the holidays are one of the happier times of year.  This is far less than the usual 100 or more calls received daily, according to Susan M. Self, Vice President of telephonic services and director of Life Crisis Services.  Holiday cheer, the cold weather and shorter days are also all possible reasons for the decline in people committing suicide.  With the holidays comes hope, and lower suicide rates support this idea.

The holidays are the perfect time to give back to those in need.  Families line the walls of soup kitchens and food banks as volunteers help people get the necessities they need for the winter months.  Toy donations bring joy to millions of children and help spread holiday cheer.  This season is the perfect time of year to help the community, and there is no better way to show support than to volunteer and help those in need.

The winter months and holidays bring many benefits to society as well as the economy.  Everyone loves this time of year, and there is more to the month of Dec. than presents and delicious food.  A stronger sense of community, happiness and cheer are all results of the holiday season.