Modern youth trends are a reincarnation of the hippie era of the 1960s and 1970s

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The millennial generation, those born around year 2000 exemplifies and is characterized by two seemingly opposite qualities: laid-back, hippie-era values and extreme stress levels.

From the 1960s to the 1970s, a generation of free-spirited people who were distinguished by rock n’ roll music, hallucinogenic drugs and their distinct clothing choices of tie-dye and peace signs ruled society.  After the 1970s, the generation of hippies seemed to have disappeared- until now.  As society today has evolved, between music festivals, the recreational use of drugs and the clothing seen today, current society is seen as the new generation of hippies.

Music festivals such as Outside Lands and Coachella are highly popular within society today.  Between the type of music and the carefree atmosphere, many hippie traits are apparent.  Generally, about 80,000 people attend each of the two Coachella weekends, and the festival brought in 254.4 million dollars last year.  This love for music is almost identical to that of the hippies.

“I find that many aspects of my life are influenced by the hippie era,” said junior Ayra Goya.  “I love how all of the trends from the 60s and 70s are coming back into style.”

Hallucinogenic and stimulant drugs that characterized the hippie generation are once again gaining popularity.  Hippies were known for their use of drugs such as marijuana, LSD and psilocybin mushrooms to explore altered states of consciousness.  Many teenagers today partake in the use of drugs such as marijuana, molly (MDMA), cocaine and hallucinogens.  Marijuana dispensaries are easily accessible and the potency of marijuana is much stronger.  Dispensaries can be found on streets such as Ventura Blvd. and on Venice Beach.  Medical marijuana cards have also become extremely popular within the lives of many teens today and marijuana has become legal in multiple states such as Colorado and Washington, making it a commodity among citizens.


Modern clothing also has a resemblance to that of hippies.  Popular fashion among today’s youth includes headbands, denim vests, high-waisted shorts, floral patterns, Doc Martens, Birkenstock sandals and long skirts, all of which characterized the 60s counterculture and is currently found in thrift shops.  Hippies also created their own communities where they encouraged artistic expression, which is becoming more common today.  Activities such as yoga, meditation, painting and other art forms are as popular as they were during the 60s.  Life mottos such as the term “YOLO” have also become familiar, as the new generation strives to live life to the fullest as the hippies once did.

The iconic hippie generation is being reborn, potentially in response to the severe stress teenagers are facing. Many teenagers live with a free-spirited persona and will do it whilst clad in jean shorts and crop tops.

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