Senior pranks are more likely to be successful with the collaboration of administrators and students


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Evan Krask - Editor-at-Large

“I’ve heard a lot of stories about students being hurt during senior pranks,” said senior Emily Kramer.  “If there is a way to prevent that from happening then students should definitely consider it.”

As the school year comes to a close, many seniors across the country are preparing to showcase their senior prank to the entire school.  While some pranks are harmless, others can be dangerous and offensive.  In order to prevent these types of hazardous pranks, school administrations should work alongside high school seniors to plan a safe and legal prank.  Administrators and seniors should plan the prank together in order to avoid to any damage to school property.  Also, coordinating a senior prank would ensure no students would be injured.  Finally, planning the pranks will guarantee that no students receive disciplinary action for their stunt.

Some of the most widely known senior pranks are notorious for damaging school property.  Instances include throwing eggs around campus, removing desks from classrooms or putting liquids in hallways to make students slip.  Although they may seem humorous in the moment, these types of pranks can cause lasting damage on school property, and money that could be spent for educational purposes must be allocated to help repair broken items.  However, if school faculty members supervised the process, then the administration would make sure students do not break anything.  For example, Valley Christian High School seniors in Arizona parked two cars in their school hallway as their senior prank.  Although this might sound dangerous, the principal supervised their plan to make sure that neither the cars nor the hallway was harmed.  By collaborating with the school, the seniors were able to effectively have a safe and funny senior prank.

“As entertaining as they can be, senior pranks are not worth it,” said senior Rafi Ferrer.  “I would rather avoid being reprimanded and be able to graduate.”

Senior pranks can be not only hazardous but also offensive.  Some student pranks, such as food fights, can quickly get out of control if not handled by school staff.  Students have a mob mentality in these high-energy situations, and they could accidentally hurt someone amidst all the fun.  This occurred last year at Corona del Mar High School in California, where seniors instigated a food fight, and a student was struck by a food tray and taken home because of his injuries.  If administrators were informed about the senior prank they could have prevented the accident by not permitting it.  Alternatively, they could have placed staff members in areas around the cafeteria to help restrain students if the fight got out of control.

Seniors, in all their fun and games, do not seem to think about the consequences of their pranks.  In fact, many seniors have been arrested before because of the severity of their joke.  Police can arrest students if they commit theft, vandalism, trespassing, burglary, injury to another or disorderly conduct.  If seniors start working alongside the school staff, then none of the graduating class would have to suffer disciplinary action.  There would be no need for students to have to try to break into school or steal a piece of equipment and risk getting in trouble, as school staff would assist seniors in pulling their prank in a safe and legal manner.   This way, both sides win because the school administration will not fear a dangerous and illegal prank, while seniors will not risk going to jail or losing their chance of attending graduation.

Overall, if seniors around the country proposed their pranks to the school then there would be no need for either side to be apprehensive of the consequences.  Senior pranks can still be entertaining without being dangerous or illegal, and working with the school can ensure that the plan runs smoothly.  Although seniors might miss out on some of the most memorable pranks in their school history, the reassurance that nobody will be hurt nor will anyone face major repercussions makes the entire process worthwhile.