Is summer too short?

Is summer too short?

Carly Berke - Editor-in-Chief, Photo courtesy of Google Images

Students are perpetually waiting for summer. Three blissful months of freedom are forever getting closer, taunting students as the weather gets warmer and the days get longer. But there is a misconception about summer: what most think of as the best three months of the year is in fact only about two months in length. This year, CHS lets out on June 10 and starts up again on August 19. In reality, the traditional three-month conception of summer is false; summer break is only two months long. But after a long year’s work, the students of today deserve nothing less than a full summer vacation.

In an ideal world, school would end on June 1 and start again after Labor Day weekend. This would provide students with ample time to enjoy summer, take trips, finish their summer work and be fresh and ready for a new school year. Summer vacation is an important time to relax, rejuvenate, travel, pursue hobbies and just enjoy a life free of stress and school.

However, this concept is unattainable, so the next best option is to start school a little bit earlier in the year. Despite the apparent burden, there are benefits to starting school early. If school reconvened earlier, it could possibly mean getting out for summer vacation earlier. An early release is nice because the first few weeks of summer are always the best: they provide a sense of relief and enjoyment after spending the school year doing strenuous work. This would also ensure that first semester finishes before winter break. Winter break, the other much-anticipated vacation of the year, is one that should be enjoyed without the stress of finals or additional assignments. The holiday season is exponentially merrier without the weight of school on one’s back.

“If there are only going to be two months of summer, I would rather get out at the beginning of June, even if it means going back to school a little earlier in August,” said junior Cara Auerbach.

Some may assume that starting later (most likely after Labor Day weekend) would be more beneficial. But by mid-August, most students are ready to go back to school. The days become long and arduous and many find themselves lazing around the house while looking for something to do.

Two vacation months may not seem very long, but if that is the time allotted, then summer should start earlier in June and school should come back in session a little bit earlier in August. Hopefully, however, the school year will be shortened in the future, and the district will recognize that students deserve three months of summer.