Talent does not justify pretentious behavior

Talent does not justify pretentious behavior

Roz Rabbani - Staff Writer, Photo courtesy of Google Images

In today’s media-driven society, many people view celebrities as icons. Despite this, some celebrities let their fame go to their head. Because many celebrities are immensely talented, any rude behavior is often overlooked. Celebrities must act as role models to the young people who look up to them, and famous artists must also uphold the integrity of their art within their personalities and actions. Although they are talented, their talent does not excuse their bad behavior.

“Many young people do not realize that the celebrities they idolize are sometimes very arrogant and rude,” said senior Kimia Zargari.

Some celebrities lash out on others out of a sense of entitlement. Kanye West is one example of a celebrity who acts arrogant. West often acts imprudently toward others on social media. Although these instances occur, West still receives more praise for his work than criticism for his wrongdoings. Many young people look up to West as a role model, and his arrogant attitude may give them the impression that being disrespectful is okay. Celebrities must watch the way they act because they could have a negative effect on the public, leading people to believe that celebrities can act insolently toward those “below” them.

Celebrities are ultimately artists, and therefore must act mature in order to maintain the integrity of their art. The respectability of the movies, shows and songs they make becomes tarnished if they do not live up to them. Many celebrities believe that just because many people know their name, they are allowed to treat other people without respect, but that attitude is simply ignorant.

Although most people can agree that popular artists are very talented, that does not give them permission to attack others or to be excessively pompous. There is more to a celebrity than just the things they create; therefore people should not overlook the arrogance that some celebrities portray.