The significance of protests


Jake Dodd - Staff Writer, Photo by Chaya Gruber - Photographer

Throughout American history, there have been a multitude of dramatically polarized events, including the American Civil War, the Vietnam War, the attack on the twin Towers and more. All of these events were followed by one thing: protests.Since Donald Trump was elected president, protests have erupted throughout the United States and abroad. In November, students of Calabasas High School walked out of their classrooms to protest Trump being elected, however, this protest was very ineffective. Often protests are used as an excuse for students to get out of class or feel involved in something.

When students at CHS took part in the protest on Nov. 14, the students met throughout the campus and marched around school, causing frustration amongst teachers. However, the teachers were unable to stop the passionate students from speaking their mind. Even though the students protests did not change anything, that did not stop the protest from happening

“I know that it did not have an impact on Donald Trump being elected,” said senior Jared Wiseman. “But the students have a voice and sometimes people need to hear it.”

Some students took the protest seriously and wanted their voices to be heard. While there were many passionate students, there were also students who could care less and used the protest as a way to get out of class. The protest of Donald Trump at CHS not only annoyed teachers but students as well.

“I personally thought the Trump protest was an embarrassment to our school,” said senior Josh Franklin. “It just seemed like an excuse to skip class and yell profanity”.

This expresses the thoughts of many students frustrated with the protest and were embarrassed to be at CHS. The Trump protest at CHS was lucky that it did not end in violence like other Trump protests around the United States.

With the violence in America over the Trump protest,  CHS could have been in danger all because of a protest that had no impact on the election. There is an alternative protests as a whole. Instead of protesting resulting in violence, people could donate to the cause and that way, the people would have impact on the cause.