Sleeping in socks and bras is harmful

Sleeping in socks and bras is harmful

Kendall Gurian - Staff Writer, Photo courtesy of Google Images

Nothing tops the feeling of pulling back the covers and curling up into bed after a long, tiresome day. Everything is so comfortable and warm: the pajamas, the sheets, even that  annoying dog who for some reason feels the need to sleep on the bed. So, there is no reason for someone to ruin their peace and quiet by wearing a bra and socks to sleep.

Bras are barely tolerable during the day, and wearing them at night is not only extremely uncomfortable; it is also detrimental to overall health. Sleeping with a bra, especially one with an underwire, severely limits the body’s circulation system. Depending on tightness, the pectoral muscles can be constricted, affecting the circulation of nerves in the arms. Another side-effect of wearing a bra to bed is skin irritation. The hooks and straps are constantly putting pressure and stress on the skin, and they can actually cause lesions or even cysts. The most compelling reason to take off bras before bed is the fact that they can cause breast fungus. Wearing a bra while sleeping supplies a moist and warm environment that is idyllic for this disgusting bacteria.

“I never wear a bra to sleep,” said sophomore Nicole Hillman. “After wearing it all day I feel like it is unhealthy to keep wearing it throughout the night. I like to let my puppies loose.”

While socks are usually considered a brilliant way to keep feet away from dirty surfaces, they are the complete opposite when it comes to sleeping. Everybody wants the perfect night of rest and ideal sleeping experience, which usually correlates with a cooler temperature. Socks cause feet to become hot and sweaty, eliminating the element of coolness that enables people to sleep well. The sweat caused by socks not only is a direct result of heat, but it also provides the perfect environment for the growth of fungi and bacteria.

“I never wear socks to sleep because it’s so uncomfortable,” said junior Jordan Golenberg. “And sweaty feet are also so gross, especially in the summer when it’s hot.”

On the other hand, some argue that warm feet may actually help one sleep better. Heating of cold feet causes vasodilation, the dilation of blood vessels, which help inform the brain that bedtime is nearing. However, the clearly negative health aspects along with the discomfort undoubtedly prove that nobody should wear neither socks, nor bras in bed. The overall quality of sleep is diminished by this type of underwear, and thus, neither of them should be a part of common nighttime routine.