LA life is too expensive


Brielle Soifer - Staff Writer, Veronica Barsoomian - Photographer

Individuals in search of a trendy, warm lifestyle often find themselves settling in Los Angeles. As the second-largest city in the United States, Los Angeles attracts citizens from all around the country and globe. As the center of the multibillion-dollar entertainment industry, the city appeals to a countless number of aspiring actors, directors and screenwriters. However, with a high demand comes a rise in prices. As a result of the high demand in LA, everything (including rent, food, gas and utilities) is too expensive.
When considering a move to LA, the first order of business is understanding how much money is necessary to live comfortably. With a growing four million residents, Los Angeles has an immense population, resulting in an overbearing influx of prices.

Los Angeles are ridiculous. Whether it’s buying a sandwich or renting a house, LA is extremely economically demanding. The flashy titles and trendy restaurants are purely consumerism tactics.”

Famous, “glamorous” cities such as Hollywood and West LA are bustling with homeless individuals. Tourists pay for expensive bus tours around the well known areas, only to find dirty sidewalks and Jesus lovers yelling about gay sins. Cities like Calabasas and Hidden Hills are praised because of the celebrities that live in these locations; in reality, the cities are simply, boring suburbs.
Drinks are poured in mason jars, leading to money pouring out of wallets. Today, citizens of Los Angeles are willing to pay an absurd amount of money just for an Instagram food picture; often this food is also incredibly small in size, making it a complete rip-off. Veganism is endorsed, and juice cleanses are praised. Many believe these ridiculous trends are a result of the large entertainment center that dominates Los Angeles.

“In Los Angeles, you are either a model or a photographer; no other career seems to exist,” said junior Dennis Erazo. “It seems as though everyone you meet in the entertainment business needs to focus on their appearance. That’s why veganism and portion control have taken over the food industry. Paying more money to only eat vegetables seems to be a normal thing for most people here.”
Dieting is definitely not the only pricey thing in Los Angeles. Prices for housing and utilities in this high demand city are extremely steep. A simple two-bedroom home can be as costly as $7,000 per month in a decent neighborhood. As California continues to suffer the never ending drought, prices for water continue to climb steadily.

Overall, Los Angeles is one of the most economically- demanding cities in the nation, due to its strict norms and lifestyles. Veganism and housing have the power to put an individual through bankruptcy, ultimately proving why the homeless population is so intensely high. Too many salads and juices will lead to a miserable life in Los Angeles.