CHS should offer ACT/SAT prep

Oliver Litner- Staff Writer

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Standardized exams are a crucial part of the college admissions process. Usually taken during a student’s junior year of high school, these exams require preparation that can span anywhere from a couple of weeks to over a year; student’s could use this valuable time to study for their rigorous classes, participate in other extracurricular and spend precious time with family and friends. Instead, they pour hour after hour into perfecting their ACT or SAT test-taking skills while also being expected to maintain all of the above. The college process neglects the countless hours of studying spent and immense amounts of stress felt by students throughout their journey to become the ‘perfect applicant.’ If Calabasas High School offers ACT/SAT preparatory courses during school hours, students can receive additional testing help, save money that would have gone toward expensive tutors and help the school better their average standardized test scores.

The ACT/SAT is a necessary and hugely important component of all college applications, so naturally students work hard to achieve their desired score. While some schools are “test flexible” and others choose to superscore—compiling a composite score by averaging the highest score for each individual section, even if those scores were achieved on different test days—standardized testing is weighed heavily by all schools. By adding an elective standardized test prep course, CHS can aid students who need extra practice and assistance in specific areas. Another alternative is to offer this class after school, so students can attend according to their weekly academic rigor.

Even more, providing students with a free class that teaches strategy and other test-taking tools would allow them to save money on expensive outside tutors. Since ACT/SAT tutors are so highly sought after, they have the ability to unfairly raise their prices to maximize profits. Not all families can afford these steep prices, leaving some students at a disadvantage. By offering standardized test prep in school, students will gain easy access to learning opportunities, so they can improve their grammar, reading and critical thinking skills.

Finally, the higher a school’s average test scores are, the better the school is viewed in the world of academia. Offering a standardized test prep class would ensure that every student at CHS is receiving the assistance necessary to further their academic abilities. Not only would students and parents be relieved of the stress of finding a talented yet affordable tutor, but the school could also rest easy knowing all students are receiving some form of ACT/SAT tutoring; with the proper teachers and curriculum, this course would have the potential to better all students’ overall intelligence levels, seniors’ acceptance into colleges and the schools average test scores.

However, some believe that CHS already offers assistance through PSAT/PACT practice exams. While practice tests do expose students to a testing environment, they do not help students strengthen their test-taking skills. Overall, the best way to help CHS students is by offering preparatory ACT/SAT courses.