After-school support: a better alternative


Charli Mattes - Staff Writer, Nadia Grauman - Creative Director

Students often dread the early morning alarms that signal the upcoming Support period, of which many students must attend. Morning Support presents a daily battle for some students, as they are forced to choose between receiving help from teachers and snoozing for that extra and quite necessary hour of rest. Not only is Support a huge hassle for students, but this period also creates morning madness for parents. In reality, changing Support to after school would allow for a less hectic morning, a more restful sleep and ultimately a less stressed campus.
The overwhelming thought of attending Support before school is very intimidating for students, intimidating enough that they are willing to sacrifice their grades for a little more time in the morning. The early hours are already filled with frenzied parents pushing their children out of the door in order to get them to school on time. Having Support before school ups the ante, because underclassmen do not yet drive and must therefore wrangle a parent out of bed to take them to school almost an hour earlier. These student’s siblings are also disturbed and forced to wake up and prepare for the school day an extra 40 minutes earlier.
Furthermore, waking up an hour earlier to get a teacher’s help in a tough classes is hardly more advantageous than dreaming. Many students would rather save their sanity by sleeping an extra 40 minutes, as opposed to saving their grade by rushing to an early morning Support. If Support were to be changed to after school, students along with faculty and parents would not be deprived of their precious sleep.
Creating an after school Support would help lessen students’ stress and exhaustion levels. A later Support would allow for students to ask questions they formed during that school day along with the questions they had before classes began. Without a morning Support, students can arrive at school well-rested and with a better understanding of what concepts need to be addressed during Support. In addition, the teachers would no longer have to worry about faculty meetings corresponding with Support and therefore limiting their time with students.
Overall, an after-school Support period is much more beneficial for students, faculty and administration than a before-school Support period. This new and improved class time will lead to happier, more refreshed students on campus. All in all, to avoid creating a hectic mess, fatigued students and a stressed campus, Support should be moved to the end of the day to insure that CHS promotes a positive learning environment.