Meet the Girls Varsity Volleyball captains

Caden Armstrong - Staff Writer, Olivia Felsher - Photographer

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This year, Calabasas Girls Varsity Volleyball has gained three new team captains: junior Piper Grant, senior Salma Yacoub and junior Mele Elisara. All three girls have been on the team since freshman year and are hardworking athletes who have dedicated a significant proportion of their time during and outside of school for their team. They work hard to make sure that everyone’s voice is heard and that everyone puts forth their full effort into every practice and game.
Grant is elated to have the honor of being captain of the team during her junior year at CHS. She is passionate about her teammates, as well the game itself, and had never found a sport that had fit her until she decided to try volleyball.
“My role on my team is the starting captain as an outside hitter, and I aim to be as loud, aggressive, and encouraging on the court as possible,” said Grant. “I’ve been in this position since the start of season this year.”
Along with AP and Honors classes, Grant balances a zero-period schedule. However, she has learned to use her time wisely when it comes to her school work. Through her hard work and dedication, Grant has pushed the team and herself to the be the best they can be.
“I love being captain, but I also try to remember that being captain doesn’t make you different from the rest of the team,” said Grant. “Everyone is just as important as the next person.”
Yacoub, a senior at CHS, is following in her family’s footsteps by playing volleyball. She has gone from watching her sister and brother play volleyball to now being a captain herself.
“I love the sport because it brings out a different, more energetic person out of me,” said Yacoub. “I defend my teammates no matter what.”
Along with balancing her busy four AP classes, Yacoub has been captain the past two years. She is also the Varsity Libero, a very vital position on the court that leads the defensive aspect of the game. As team captain, Yacoub is focusing this year on keeping a tight, close team where there is no drama between the girls. She is a loud, expressive leader for the team and is extremely humble and excited to be in the varsity captain position for the second year in a row.
“It taught me the value of taking responsibility for everything, even when it may seem as if it’s not your fault,” said Yacoub. “It greatly changed me as a person and taught me so many important qualities that I hope to carry on throughout my life.”
Elisara picked up volleyball as a sport because she had seen both of her sisters play growing up. Since her freshman year, she has been in the same position—a setter—which means she “sets” up the ball for teammates to spike.
Through her hard work as captain and as a player on the team, Elisara hopes to keep team spirits high and help the team reach new heights this season. She puts 100 percent effort into each practice and match, and she hopes that her teammates do the same.
“My favorite part of being on a team is my teammates. The girls from my freshman team are still some of my closest friends.”
Together, the three captains will work together to bring success to the same this season. •

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