Comedysportz Question and Answer

Comedysportz Question and Answer

Question and Answer With Comedysportz 

Comedysportz is a theatre improvisation program at CHS that creates comedic scenes based on audience participation. Seniors Daniel Dabach, Noah Sylvester and Rachel Stewart and junior Lily Lester are the managers of Comedysportz this year. They do everything from directing the class to encouraging students to watch the performances each month. This past weekend four members from the Varsity team performed in the annual March Madness competition against other high school improve teams and won first place. Check out what they have to say about Comedysportz in their interview below. 

Q: Why do you do Comedysportz?

Lily Lester: You never know what is going to happen in Comedysportz because we improvise. We create our own scenes with certain characters. This is a very driven audience show because we incorporate what the audience wants a scene to be like. With improvisation, you lose yourself and really get to step into a character’s shoes.

Q: Does improvisation ever make you feel nervous?

Daniel Dabach: Nervousness that comes with improvising is part of the fun because you never know where the scene is going to go. People are often nervous if it is their first game. We tell people to use their nerves to their advantage because sometimes, it is your nerves that can create the foundation of a scene.

Q: What is the craziest character that you have enacted?

Daniel Dabach: During one of our games, I got to act as an electric eel with a lisp. That was pretty crazy!

Noah Sylvester: I love playing Nicholas Cage, and I have enacted as him three times this year!

Lily Lester: In one of the games, I played a soap opera star. I was really dramatic and the scene was really fun to enact.

Q: What are the goals for this season of Comedysportz?

Noah Sylvester: The goal is to take each new player and have them develop a new level of improvisation. We start off the beginning of the year with our strengths and weaknesses, and we want to make people in Comedysportz well rounded as improvisers. Also, we want to become a family and create an opening atmosphere.

Q: How do you think you can improve Comedysportz as a whole?

Lily Lester and Noah Sylvester: The main goal is always to get a bigger audience, but we always hope to become more tight-knit group, for this helps us have fun when we are improvising. Knowing that somebody has your back while doing a scene on stage makes the scene even more fun to enact.