CHS Dance Team Seniors prepare to take their final bows and head to college


On March 20 and 21, the CHS Dance Team (DT) competed in one of its final competitions of the year at the USA Nationals. DT placed first in its major event, which was a perfect way for the group’s seniors to complete their years of endless dedication and work. This year, DT is led by seven experienced seniors, Hope Gilderman. Kelsey Boyle, Jordan Eisner, Paige Nelson, Brianna Wenger, Melanie Sklar and Brittney Collinson. As their high school careers draw to a close, several members reflect on their years of experience and their final trip to nationals.

Hope Gilderman has competed in the USA Nationals for four consecutive years. Gilderman has been dancing for more than 10 years and understands that beginning a new era of her life without dance will be tough. However, Gilderman is proud to have been a part of such an energetic yet professional team.

“I honestly can’t imagine my life without my coaches and my team members,” said Gilderman. “I know there will never be another group like this one.”

While she does not plan to continue competitive dancing in college, Gilderman accepts the fact that she has bigger goals to accomplish but will always remember her serious high school dancing career.

Like Gilderman, Kelsey Boyle has also taken the trip to nationals for the past four years. At the 2015 Nationals, Boyle aimed to showcase her hard work and leave viewers with the impression that DT is one of the premiere groups in the state. She was recently accepted into the University of California, Los Angeles’ school of World Arts and Cultures/Dance and will continue her journey toward perfecting her technique at the next level. While Boyle is eager to take her talents to a more advanced setting, she will never forget her many days in the CHS dance room.

“As the year comes to an end, I am realizing that leaving might not be as easy as I once thought,” said Boyle. “[Moving on] is definitely upsetting, but the future is promising and I know all the seniors are very excited for whatever is next.”

Although excited to start hew new journey in college, Jordan Eisner is also anxious to leave high school. Eisner states that the hardest part about graduating for her will not be leaving the dancing itself but the team she represented for the past four years. Eisner is honored to have led such a competitive team and hopes to continue dancing through college.

Similarly, Melanie Sklar, a three year member of DT, thinks her team finished its run on a high note. Sklar will always be thankful for the opportunity to share her passion with the people who were once strangers to her but ultimately became her best friends.

“I am saddened by this but I know I have great things to look forward to in my future,” said Sklar. “I will always love dance and I will never forget the amazing memories and bonds I made with the girls on dance team.”

Sklar admits that the end of her high school career will mark the end of her dancing career. Sklar has used dance to express herself and to build friendships, but she is more focused on chasing her goals in other professions other than dance.

The seven DT seniors have all enjoyed several memories over the course of their careers. Their last national performance marks the end of an era in CHS Dance and the beginning of a new chapter for the seniors. Whether continuing to dance or not, the girls have accomplished a lot and can be satisfied with the culmination of their DT experience.