The CHS Leprechaun has returned just in time for St. Patrick’s Day


As far as holiday celebrations go, St. Patrick’s Day is not considered to be very significant for most people. However, for leprechauns, St. Patrick’s day is a holiday long-anticipated throughout the year. Most believe these small fellows dressed in green are a myth, but many students and faculty have claimed to have spotted one leprechaun in particular on many occasions during this time of year. After a number of different sightings all over campus, many now recognize this creature as the Calabasas Leprechaun.

“I swear I saw him in the senior lot,”= said senior Kimia Zargari. “I was walking to my car after lunch, and the ground was still wet from rain earlier in the day. As I put all my things away in my trunk, I suddenly saw a small flash of green from across the lot.”

The Leprechaun is usually seen after a rainy day, following a bright rainbow in the sky. Known for his materialistic tendencies, the Calabasas Leprechaun is extremely wealthy and usually hides all of the gold he has stolen at the end of each rainbow. In addition to being greedy, the Leprechaun is very mischievous. He tends to be one step ahead of humans, and typically succeeds in his schemes, due to the large amounts of luck he possesses. He is said to be very attracted to the color green.

“Once, last year after cooking class, I set down the food I had made on a table outside the X building, and the next thing I knew, my creation disappeared,” said sophomore Nicole Naidrich. “I honestly believe that the Calabasas Leprechaun is the only rational explanation for this occurrence.”

In the month of March, beware of the impish behavior of the infamous Calabasas Leprechaun. Whether he’s snatching others’ belongings, sneaking around on campus, or hiding his gold at the end of the nearest rainbow, the shenanigans are unlimited. With El Niño on its way and many rainbows to come, be sure to always wear green and be on the lookout for the Calabasas Leprechaun. You never know when you might catch him in the act!