2019 Gift guide: best presents for loved ones this holiday season

Miyae Folkes, Staff Member

While Christmas is a time for fam- ily, food, love and gifts, the preparation for Christmas is not as joyful. Between parents, little cousins, siblings and grandparents nding the perfect gift for everyone could be a large task at hand for one person.

With eisles of holiday deals, taking a trip to your closest mall can be the best way to gift shop for your family. Most stores go on sale ranging from 20% to 60% off the price it would normally be. With in-store shopping also comes with the chaotic crowds. Websites like the NewDeal and RetailMeNot are great sites to nd sales before getting to the mall to save you time. It is always best to go into the mall with a plan, that means doing homework accordingly. If an item is in popular demand make sure one checks many malls and differ- ent stores to prevent searching through empty isles. According to the Consumer Report, the best stores for gifts are Best Buys, Target, Walmart, and Costco. Due to the variety of items each store carries, bulk quantities and the biggest deals you are almost ensured to nd the perfect gift.

Online is also a great way to shop without leaving the comfort of your own home while still getting those sale prices. Big crowds and long lines are not everyone’s thing; some will probably prefer having everything shipped to their door- step. Many online stores will announce coupon codes you can type in before checking out your cart. Those deals can consist of 10-60% off or free shipping. Some online stores also include a buy one get one free deal as well. Sites like Groupon can help you organize and keep track of all the different offers and codes each online store is giving. While the ease and convenience of online gift shopping may seem more attractive than in-store, it still has its downfalls. Online shopping also brings cyber hackers and scammers. When online shopping be aware of clone websites and preferably use a credit card over a debit card for more consumer protection attached with having a credit card.

When shopping for gifts for the whole family it’s best to start off with a list. This way one can stay organized. Prioritize the list from most to least ur- gent. If you want to make sure all your little siblings and cousins have presents from you hit all the kids stores first before getting into the adults. It is also best to stay with one family member in mind while you shop and not jump from store to store trying to nd a gift for your grandpa and your little sister simultaneously. Sometimes buying individual gifts can be overbearing so opting for a gift the entire family can share is a great way to lessen the stress and unite the family during the holidays.