Chatlani, a friendly face, keeps CHS students safe

Everyday hundreds of Calabasas students cross Valmar to get to school. They are aided by crossing guard Ramesh “Andy” Chatlani. He has been the crossing guard at Calabasas High School for about three years, but has been a crossing guard for LVUSD district for over eight years. Chatalani decided to become a crossing guard because of his passion for helping kids and desire to be involved in his community.

An average day at work is described by Chatlani as coming to Calabasas High School in the morning for about an hour, going back home, traveling back to campus just before the bell rings at the end of the day.

“I like my job; it keeps me alive; it keeps me happy,” said Chatlani. “I get up at six o’clock in the morning, get ready, come here and find myself having more time in the day.”

Outside of being a crossing guard, Chatlani is involved with his church. He works to feed the hungry in his community four days a week. He also perform rituals with them. As a long time member of the church, Chatlani helps people answer any questions about his religion and the importance of their work; how impactful it can truly be. Chatlani’s involvement with his church assists him in giving back to such a welcoming community.

“We help a lot of people, we even help a lot of students,” said Chatlani. Outside of work, Chatlani spends time with his family. He spoke very fondly of his grandson’s upcoming Karate Green Belt Ceremony as well as his granddaughter’s upcoming Medical School graduation.

“I like to pass my time by spending it with the people I love,” said Chatlani. “Family is so important to me.”

His own children are all grown up but he spoke very proudly of their careers as a judge, diamond retailer, and interior designer.

“I always loved education,” said Chatlani. “I always told my kids that they must attend school, as it is so valuable in this day and age.”

Andy Chatlani is more than the friendly face who helps kids cross Valmar safely every morning. His job is another way to give back and be involved in education, for which he cares about deeply. He enjoys to assist the kids at CHS, even if it is just by helping them cross the street.

“The kids I meet here-everybody loves me and I love everybody who comes in here,” said Chatlani.

In the trunk of his car, he has letters and presents from students that he has received over the years, showing how much the community values his presence.