How to be eco-friendly in the heyday of climate change

Climate change is a global catastrophe; it is fueling natural disasters and threatening human existence, however there are many things students can do at home to help. Saving the environment does not have to change your entire life; there are small actions you can take in order to better our world.

Plastic is very harmful to the environment and making an effort to avoid the material can greatly decrease plastic production therefore saving the planet. Instead of using plastic water bottles and straws, take advantage of reusable water bottles such as Nalgene water bottles and metal, paper, and bamboo straws. Plastic straws have been one of the leading pollutants around the world, clogging our oceans and killing our fish. Switching to reusable or biodegrable straws would have a major positive effect on the world. Paper and bamboo straws are made out of natural resources which enable us to preserve fossil fuels. Metal straws are more beneficial because they keep the liquid cool up until it reaches your mouth. Similarly, reusable water bottles are more kind to the earth than plastic bottles that end up in the trash. Hydroflasks, for example, come in various sizes as well as have lids with or without straws. These new products can improve the earth one sip at a time.

Another easy task that can be done anywhere is recycling. Throwing away utensils like plastic and paper in the blue recycling bin will help the environment stay clean. Also, recycling keeps people from being wasteful with food while reusing vital resources so that they can be made into new products. Throwing away a soda can into the recycling bin takes less than one second, so next time you have any piece of plastic, paper or metal, be smart about where you leave it.

Driving in the morning traffic can be one of the most frustrating things to do, especially when you are late. Carpooling is an efficient way to save gas, preserve fossil fuels, and have fun on the road! Jamming to music on the way to school with a friend is the best way to enjoy life while helping the environment, so call up that friend and ask to carpool.

Finally, eating less red meat is also one of the best ways to conserve the earth and save countless animals. Shifting to plant-based meals or even cutting out all red meat will lower your intake of sodium, which is better for your health, while lowering Earth’s carbon intake. The more livestock being produced, the more land taken by farming, which leads to excess methane emissions. Even substituting chicken for red meat, a product that does not produce as much toxic gas, can help improve the environment. Next time you are at the grocery store, try some new recipes that do not include meat, they are surprisingly tasty and healthy!

Climate change is a disastrous threat, but if every person is able to alter a small portion of their life, it is possible to eliminate this looming danger. These simple ways to improve the future do not take much change at all and if everyone participates, we can live in a beautiful world.

Switching to cleaner alternatives and using reusable water bottles can improve the earth’s environment. Carpooling is also a great way to benefit the world and make mornings more enjoyable. Lastly, eating less red meat will create cleaner air.