ASB adapts to an alternative approach during the pandemic

Abbie Goldstein, Staff Writer

Starting the school year online has taken a toll on all students, specifically ASB and their typical duties. Although school remains virtual, ASB continues to try to emulate the normalcy of school functions both virtually and in person.

School dances such as homecoming have been put to a halt at Calabasas. While the discussion of homecoming is ultimately up in the air due to the uncertainty of the world, Calabasas’s ASB proceeds to celebrate school pride and unify students virtually.

“Dances are not happening, so instead campus entertainment is trying to come up with different events that we can do virtually that bring together the school,” said ASB Entertainment Commissioner, Kylie Kurzban.

According to Senior President Rachel Weissman, the ASB class is working to put together virtual celebrations for upcoming awareness months, as well as different philanthropic events that provide resources and education to underprivileged communities. While other school events like pep rallies, football games and on-campus entertainment opportunities have been spared, many alternative options have been presented.

“We are discussing having a drive-in movie night, online gaming or trivia night and maybe a few restaurant nights,” said Ortiz. “We are planning a few interactive online events like 8-ball pool tournaments, e-sports tournaments, clubs, [and] virtual assemblies.”

In an effort to make the best out of the class of 2021’s senior year, Calabasas seniors have created an Instagram account for senior activities. The account is not run through the school, but is purely passionate seniors who promote further class unity and additional activities outside of school.

“This account was made to connect our class when we can’t be together during school,” said Weissman. “The account will be used for other prom activities that aren’t associated with the school- like water assassins, beach days, senior sun rises, senior sunsets and other activities  where everyone can get together.”

In these trying times, ASB is trying their best to help students stay connected and keep their school spirit.