Emma Chamberlain: YouTube star, style icon and blueprint for Gen Z


Abbie Goldstein, Staff Writer

Starting Youtube as a highschool dropout in 2017, to now gaining nearly 10 million subscribers by 2021, Emma Chamberlain has won multiple awards, started her own coffee company and has partnered with prestigious brands since her YouTube career took off. Not only is Chamberlain a fashion icon and entrepreneur, but she is also a role model for her fans, many of whom have continued to watch her grow into a successful and prominent figure in society. 

With articles published about her in the New York Times, Forbes, Allure, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and more, Chamberlain is a self-made millionaire at just nineteen years old. Aside from her YouTube channel, she sells her own merchandise, created a podcast, started a coffee company and often collaborates with major brands like Louis Vuiton and Wildflower Cases. As a brand ambassador for Louis Vuitton, Chamberlain has attended fashion shows and often sports the products online as the brand’s youngest influencer. Chamberlain has also received various awards including a Teen Choice Award for Choice Female Web Star in 2019, a People’s Choice Award for Favorite Social Media Star in 2020 and an award for having the best podcast at the 2020 Shorty Awards, “Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain.”

“I am just speechless to be honest and I am so grateful and can’t wait for more fun on the internet with you guys,” said Chamberlain as she delivered her speech, thanking her supporters at the 2020 People’s Choice Award.

As a fashion enthusiast, Chamberlain has been popularizing trends since the beginning of her career. Introducing shoelaces as belts and furry jackets to the fashion community in 2018, her style has matured as she has popularized platform Doc Marten shoes and tennis skirts styled with crewnecks in the fall of 2020. Her outfits often circulate on Pinterest and Tik Tok, with many people recreating her photos or praising her sense of style as a fashion icon.  

Along with her unique fashion sense, Chamberlain continues to inspire people around the world through her authentic attitude and content. Evident in her posts on all of her platforms, especially on Youtube, her unique, minimalist style of editing and her honesty regarding her mental health inspires her viewers through her realistic portrayal of her life.   

 “I’m real. Every single thing that I do is real. There’s no lie in any of it,” said Emma Chamberlain in an interview with Who What Wear, a celebrity fashion forum.

With a fast-growing platform, Emma Chamberlain continues to pave her own path of success- offering a sense of comfort, entertainment and inspiration to people of all ages.