Everbowl in Calabasas is the new hit eating spot


Everbowl, a craft superbowl chain, opened on March 12 in the El Camino Shoppes in Woodland Hills and has already been met with good reception from both customers and the community. The Everbowl franchise has locations all over California and Arizona and prides itself on serving natural foods that serve as fuel for the body. Customers love the fresh, top-quality ingredients and healthy options of eating. 

The trendy place has become popular very quickly. Everbowl introduced the Calabasas on Thursday, March 11th, opening exclusively for family and friends. They graciously gave out free bowls to anyone who showed up on opening day. 

“Lots of people came to visit,” said Kylie Kurzban, Calabasas High junior and Everbowl employee. “ I was super nervous on Thursday because I was scared I would mess up, but on Saturday everything was much more chill.”

When it comes to a new food place, one of the most important necessities is serving food with natural and healthy ingredients. Everbowl has two main items on the menu, a build your own bowl and superfood coffee, with multiple ways to customize them both. First, one can pick the size of their bowl, with the options of small, medium, and large. Customers can choose from six different bases alongside an assortment of unlimited toppings, ranging from fresh fruits to nut butters. For the superfood coffees, the customer has three flavors to choose from. All of the ingredients are natural, healthy, and fresh, creating a great way to eat delicious food, while still feeling good. 

The franchise also incorporates the idea of unevolving. Their main goal is to unevolve, live actively and eat ingredients that come from natural places. Everbowl believes in going back to the healthy basics and eating good, clean food. Crafting superfood and eating healthy are the most important aspects to the Everbowl franchise. 

Everbowl has become a hit, earning lots of business and happy customers excited to enjoy healthy, natural food.