CHS hosts first-ever outdoor homecoming dance

For the first time in Calabasas history, CHS hosted this year’s homecoming dance in the upper quad.

In years prior, the dance was put on in the gym. Due to COVID-19 restrictions this year, the dance had to be outside, but Calabasas ASB took advantage of the situation and decorated the upper quad to embody this year’s homecoming theme of “Under the City Lights.”

Planned by the ASB Campus Entertainment commissioners, the homecoming dance had food trucks from BittieBitez Mini-Donuts and The Lobos Truck. The DJ and dance floor took place on the grass area in the upper quad, and the entire quad was decked out in decorative lights and cityscapes.

“Walking into the dance and seeing that all of our ideas and hopes for this event had successfully come to fruition was one of the most amazing moments I have ever experienced,” said Sophia Lieberman, one of the Campus Entertainment commissioners. “It took a lot of hard work and dedication, but it was all worth it in the end.”

With about 750 tickets being sold, this year’s homecoming dance was different from the rest with unclear expectations, but the student turnout was successful.