CHS theater department creates thrift store using old costumes

From Oct. 25 to Oct. 29, CHS held a pop-up thrift store consisting of old costumes from the theater department. 

Throughout the years, the school has accumulated countless costumes from past performances. In order to make room for new pieces and discard older ones, the theater department created a shop that would raise funds for the program. 

Every item at the store is being sold for 5 dollars, making the thrift shop an inexpensive option for students wanting to expand their wardrobe and support the program. Due to the low costs of all items, the store has received heavy traffic while still turning a profit.

“It’s really cool that everything is 5 dollars,” said attendance monitor Michelle Amar. “[The low prices make sales] really easy because even Goodwill prices have gone up.” 

The thrift shop held a plethora of options, including a variety of sizes and styles. The diversity of the items, most of which were handmade at CHS by students and staff, made the shop more inclusive to the student body.

“There were t-shirts, shoes, pants, jackets, sweatshirts, tie-dye and tons of [other items],” said Amar.

With the store located at the front entrance of the school, shopping was both convenient and accessible. Students were able to stop by and look inside the shop on the way to class. 

“I went in [the thrift shop] because I saw it [when I walked into school],” said junior Maxi Gaertner.

With the success of the shop, the theater department has decided to continue the pop-up every Wednesday and Friday in H117.