Calabasas implements new guard gate system to ensure campus safety



On Nov. 2, CHS implemented a new guard gate system to limit the number of students going off-campus during school hours. While in the past CHS has taken similar safety measures, this new system enforces a more rigorous monitoring process. 

In previous years, campus aids were stationed at the school entrance to check off-campus passes. However, limited staff and resources challenged the effectiveness of this method. In order to address these limitations and combat the number of students leaving campus, LVUSD approved a guard gate during the 2020-2021 school year.

“[The guard gate] is more of how [the administration alleviates] office staff and [helps] streamline people coming and going from campus,” said Principal Sara Exner. “[The gate does] not have an armed guard.” 

The gate assists in regulating students leaving campus, which is important for safety and liability reasons, particularly for younger students not permitted to leave campus.

“If [students] weren’t allowed to go off campus, then yes, [the gate] will affect [them],” said Exner. “[Applicable students] got stickers, and [the administration] will continue to hand out stickers if people didn’t get them to go off campus.”

The guard gate has been largely unpopular with the student body. Students have complained that there is insufficient time to get lunch off-campus. Restrictions on retrieving belongings from their cars and leaving campus at lunch before a free period have also angered some students.

“One time, I had to get something important from my car because I wasn’t feeling well, and the aids would not let me go get it, ” said senior Ella Dobkousky. “It doesn’t make sense how the senior lot is not considered a part of campus.”

As the year progresses, the administration will continue to expand and alter the guard gate system. Although this may be an adjustment for CHS students, student safety is the number one priority for administration.

“We are always open to suggestions,” said Principal Exner.