Students with jobs learn to find a balance with school

As the school year enters full swing, many students at Calabasas High School are learning to find a balance between after-school jobs, academics and social lives. Busy with homework and other responsibilities, employment adds another commitment to students’ schedules. 

Working students have to study for tests, work on projects and complete homework while managing hours spent at the workplace. Students have to consider the extra responsibility when creating a schedule that accommodates all aspects of high school life.

“I would typically do homework when I get out of school early on Thursdays, but I can’t because I have to go to work,” said junior Lexi Pendola, a sales associate at Soto Boutique.

In addition to schoolwork, jobs can be difficult for teenagers to keep up with because they interfere with time normally spent with friends at social gatherings.

“On Saturdays, [my job] takes up basically my whole day, so I can’t hang out with people until late at night,” said Pendola. “I can’t really go off at lunch with my friends on Thursday because I need to change quickly and go to work.”

Despite the time commitment of a job, students learn crucial skills, including time and money management. This real-world expertise supplements high school education and prepares students for future responsibilities.

“I’ve definitely learned how to deposit my own checks, how you don’t actually earn all of the money you’re getting because of taxes and [how] to ration my money and work on my savings,” said senior Isabella Solís, a hostess at Saddle Peak Lodge.

Being employed offers students a sense of independence. In addition, in a collaborative work environment, employees learn to be consistent and reliable.  

“[A job is] a great thing to do to help [students] mature,” said sophomore Sophia Sassounian, hostess at Rosti Tuscan Kitchen. “It’s really good in terms of keeping busy and [having] something [to] be held accountable for.”

Working students have the opportunity to develop real-world skills while balancing employment with school and social interaction.