Tri-M launches new music tutoring program


Courtesy of Tri-M

The Tri-M music club at Calabasas recently launched its new mentoring project. This new program started in early December and allows CHS students to tutor middle schoolers in music. 

The Tri-M Music Honor Society at CHS is a club that offers a strong community to music students by recognizing students who succeed academically and musically and advocating for the importance of music education. Members of the club must be part of a school music program and maintain a 3.0 GPA in music classes to be in the National Music Honor Society (NMHS). This group is the only national honor society available to music students in the country and provides middle school and high school students the chance to take on leadership and contribute to their community. 

“A Tri-M Music Honor Society chapter offers students grades 6 through 12 the chance to perform, places them in leadership positions and gives them the opportunity to serve the community,” said the honor society on its website.

In addition to giving CHS students the chance to learn more about responsibility, middle schoolers involved have the opportunity to grow as they learn and collaborate with others.

“The goal of this program is to develop and expand the musical skills of these young students to create future musicians […] within our growing music program,” said Andie Yi, a Tri-M board member and leader of the tutoring program.

Meetings take place in the band and choir rooms, and are held weekly. Pairs meet for a consecutive four-week period before students have the option to meet with a new mentor. The program is held after school, and tutors help students learn music exercises and skills.

“We want [each] student and mentor to get to know each other and build a relationship,” said Yi.

Tri-M members plan to continue the program throughout the school year, and since the program is new, they hope that it will expand with time. Many anticipate more students who are interested in the project, which will strengthen the high-level music program at CHS in upcoming years.

“I hope that we can reach out to a lot of middle schoolers,” said Kaya Moss, a junior tutor in the program. “If we tutor them now, we will be able to have a more advanced program in future years. They will be more prepared for high school music education.”

Along with building relationships between CHS students and middle schoolers, the program also helps connect the entire LVUSD community through music education. Sign-ups are currently open and available through the program’s sign-up website.