Grand opening: CHS launches new wellness center

On Nov. 30, Calabasas High School opened its Wellness Center to offer social and emotional support to students. The center provides an opportunity to talk to wellness counselors and seek guidance for both in school and out of school issues. 

While the CHS wellness counselors have been working in the main office since the beginning of the year, the Wellness Center gives them a dedicated space to meet with students. 

“We are excited for [the Wellness Center] to open now because [students] who were with us [prior to its opening] would have to wait in an office,” said Alison Tarczynski, one of the wellness counselors. “Now [students] have a calming, quiet area to wait or calm down and relax their anxiety and stress.” 

The Wellness Center is organized differently than an average classroom with tables for groups, comfortable seating, art supplies, kinetic sand and fidget toys. These features provide stress-relief and comfort for students.

“If students are feeling stressed out, anxious or depressed about anything, they are able to have this specific space to come to, and I think that this will help,” said Tarczynski. “[The center] is more mental health-based versus academic or college counseling.”

In the coming months, the wellness counselors plan to hold events and focus groups in the Wellness Center. They want to raise awareness about the new center and the counseling opportunities available to students. 

“We plan on doing this schoolwide by doing different things, such as a silly Friday,” said Tarczynski. “Within the next month, we want to start those regularly where people can come and have fun during lunch time. Also, by doing campaigns around the school, we feel this might help people utilize resources or come to us when they need.”

The counselors are available in the Wellness Center from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. every week day. Students are able to walk in at lunch and nutrition or make an appointment on