Students establish new resolutions for the new semester

As the new semester begins, students are establishing new habits to finish their school year strong. CHS students have shared their resolutions to have a successful second semester. 

Since grades start over the second semester, students have a chance for a new beginning and new habits. 

“I’m just looking forward to getting a fresh start from last semester,” said junior Gracie Peralta. “I am going into this semester knowing how my classes work and what my teachers’ expectations are.”

After being online for almost two years, students are also excited to be with one another again as the semester goes on. 

“Something I am looking forward to this semester is getting to better know my friends that I met this year since last year we didn’t go to school,” said sophomore Noah Shapiro. 

After being in school for a full semester, CHS students have reflected on the areas they want to continue to work on as the year progresses. The new semester allows students to stop old habits and create healthier ones. 

“My goal for this semester is to definitely not procrastinate and get my work done during support or right after school,” said senior Drew Victor. “It will definitely help me stress less.”

Many students have also been planning ahead for a more balanced and favorable semester, whether it be balancing grades, sports or extracurriculars. 

“I want to get all A’s again,” said freshman Sofia Eksir. “I want to do it in a more organized way so that when it’s finals week I’m not stressed because some of my grades are borderline.”

Managing the many aspects of school can be challenging, but setting goals and managing tasks can alleviate some stress for a rewarding spring semester.