Spring Dance Concert postponed due to COVID

Spring Dance Concert postponed due to COVID

Photo from CHS Dance website

The CHS Dance Program has announced that their spring show has been postponed until June 2. The performance was originally scheduled for Apr. 28-30, but due to reported COVID-19 cases on the dance team, the show was postponed.

After a Nationals competition on the weekend of Apr. 24, several members of dance team and dance teacher Kristen Furino tested positive for COVID. Numbers of COVID cases are unavailable due to the confidentiality of the students involved. Rather than canceling the show as a whole, staff determined pushing the show to a later date was the most viable option. 

“We will be limited on rehearsal time due to limited availability in the PAEC,” said Furino. “While the new dates may not be perfect, the dancers are very professional, and we will surely create a fabulous show to celebrate the talent and efforts of the hardworking CHS Dance Program.” 

Dance students from all levels of the program have been practicing and preparing for the show for months. The scheduling change has forced the program to adapt its curriculum in order to maintain rehearsals until the new show date.

“We have been preparing for this show pretty much all year, since [for] most of the shows we perform all of our competition dances,” said Jocelyn Wang, a sophomore on the dance team. “[Because of the postponement], we have to continue working on our dances until the concert rather than having master classes and fun dance classes.”

The dance program encourages the use of masks as a precautionary measure against future exposure to illness. No changes to safety policies have been announced.

“With mask mandates having been lifted, everyone is more susceptible to colds, flus and COVID these days,” said Furino. “Masks are strongly recommended to avoid transmission of any illness, and we will recommend that everyone take precautions the weeks leading up to the show.” 

Tickets for the show can be purchased on chsdance.com.