Coyotes kick off first pep rally back indoors

After COVID regulations forced rallies outdoors in 2021, CHS held its first indoor rally since 2020.

Originally, ASB intended to host last Friday’s event on the football field. Staff decided to switch the location to the gym for the comfort and safety of students in light of extreme temperatures last week.

“It was supposed to be around 95 [degrees] the day of the pep rally, so we were really just trying to do what was best and safe for the kids, since the track and turf get hot,” said ASB advisor Kelly Ortiz. “It was really just a precautionary measure.” 

 With the continued easing of COVID restrictions, indoor pep rallies no longer pose a serious health threat. Ortiz confirmed that it is probable that all future pep rallies will be held in the gym, a welcome piece of news for some students. 

“I liked how [the rally] was inside, and [it] felt like a full community all together,” said senior Lux Hanley.

Pep rally performers also expressed a preference for the gym over the field because of both weather concerns and atmosphere.

“As someone on the Cheer team, I definitely prefer indoors just because of the heat, and the energy is a lot bigger in the gym,” said senior Adrianne Brabant, a member of Varsity Pom.

Despite natural heat outside, some students still preferred field rallies because of crowding in the gym. The lack of cool air and tight seating arrangement caused some students to feel quite warm.

“I really appreciated the effort that [ASB] made [at the rally], but it was just so hot,” said Junior Shayan Mottahedeh. “It felt like there was so much body heat.” 

Even with the return to indoors, this rally was different compared to those in the past. Lighting changes in particular created a different ambience in the eyes of some students. 

“It was way different,” said senior Ben Wolf. “It used to be much more of a show. In the past, the lights had been off during the pep rally. This time, they were on.” 

Even with the sudden change in venue, administration felt the rally was an overall success.

“Everyone had a good time,” said Principal Amy Aviv. “Nobody got hurt. Everyone was screaming. I actually had a really good time.”