Students use Saturn to manage schedules



With a stricter attendance policy in place this year at CHS, students are turning to Saturn, a new scheduling app with social media features, to manage commitments and make it to class on time. After students input their school and classes, Saturn formulates a profile based on that specific schedule.


The app displays a live countdown of how much time is left in the current period. Swiping up on the home page also provides students with a calendar of the week, a percentage of how much of the day is complete and the option to input any upcoming tasks. Saturn keeps track of traditional days, block scheduling and the newly updated support periods.


“It’s been very beneficial for keeping up with all the new schedule changes,” said senior Sofia Bronshteyn. “I like having something to remind me and give me a countdown of when I need to get to class. It’s helpful especially if you’re going off campus for lunch and you need to know when to get back by.”


In addition to aiding with time management, Saturn works as a social network. The app is partnered with Snapchat and connects students with fellow classmates, allowing collaboration on school work and communication through the new “chat” feature.


“You can see the classes that your friends have, so if you need help, you see what people have that class and what period so you can ask them questions,” said senior Avery Cross.