CHS brings back senior quotes

 This year’s graduating class has the opportunity to submit a senior quote for the yearbook for the first time since 2016.

Senior quotes are generally a staple of high school yearbooks. However, the privilege was revoked from CHS students due to inappropriate submissions.

“Kids were putting in quotations that were inappropriate,” said Yearbook Advisor Kelly Ortiz. “[Advisors] would miss it and it would end up in the yearbook, and we would get complaints, and so they pulled the quotations.”

Administration agreed to reinstate quotes this year, giving seniors the opportunity to contribute something personally significant to the yearbook.

“I asked admin if they were okay with [senior quotes], and they said absolutely,” said Ortiz. “With this privilege comes a responsibility as well for the seniors of Calabasas. What we’re looking for is […] quotes that are meaningful to students. We don’t want quotes that are trying to be inappropriate and trying to pull a fast one on us.” 

Students are allowed 20 words per quote. The yearbook will be distributed in June.