Class feature: Sports Medicine


Deborah Leithesier

In addition to players on the field or on the court, CHS sports games feature sports medicine students helping to maintain the safety and health of competitors.

Sports medicine, an elective program offered at CHS, provides students hands-on experience in the medical field. This year, the program consists of two different classes: Sports Medicine I and Sports Medicine II. 

After learning the basics in first semester Sports Med I, students move on to common sports injuries to specific body parts and how to treat them during the second semester. In Sports Med II, students are able to go on the field and treat said injuries using appropriate medical procedures. 

“We have done concussion tests on the sideline and ultrasounds on the sideline,” said Sports Med II student Madison Kleinman. 

In Sports Med II, students prepare for a game by ensuring water is available and taping athletes to prevent any injury. During games, students watch for injured players from the sidelines while making sure that all competitors are hydrated. After the game, students bring back the waters, ice and equipment and help players remove tape. Through these responsibilities, the class provides students an opportunity to work and develop interpersonal skills in a real-world environment.

“Sports med has expanded my understanding of learning to work with others, as well as working under stress in medical emergency situations,” said Sports Med II student Ella Landau.

According to Deborah Leithesier, the teacher for all sports medicine classes, the classes’ ultimate goal is to teach students interested in a medical career.

“Really what the class is for is to prepare students for health related careers,” said Leithesier. “[It] gives them a good head start for college.”