CHS Dance Program holds winter concert: Signs of Strength


Sophia Cooper

On Dec. 2 and 3, the CHS Dance Program held its annual winter concert, titled “Signs of Strength.” Students in each level of the program performed on stage, working together and using their art form to make a difference. 

This year’s concert raised money and awareness for The Veterans Project, an outlet for veterans to rehabilitate emotionally and physically through movement and community. Veterans involved in the project work on healing through performing in workshops and for the public. 

“I loved how The Veterans Project was so closely related to dance and movement and what dance can bring to your life, and I feel like it was something that resonates with all of us,” said dance teacher Kristin Furino.

The show consisted of 30 dances including the finale, containing styles ranging from jazz, hip-hop and contemporary. The dance program has been working hard since the beginning of the school year, and the winter concert was a reflection of student dedication. 

“I worked very hard for the dance show, and I practiced all my dances the night before the show, and I made sure that everyone had a good time during it,” said junior dancer Samantha Radfar. 

The Dance Program will hold its spring concert Apr. 27-29.