CHS to hold SAT boot camp

The CHS PFC is sponsoring SAT boot camps on Saturday, Feb. 25 and on Sunday, Feb. 26 for anyone looking for “unique and low-cost” opportunities to prepare for the upcoming tests. 

College and Career Counselor Robin Lutsky explained that the boot camps will provide test strategies students can use to optimize their scores. 

“[The boot camps will share the] best strategies for answering the questions, and since it’s multiple-choice, they will go over how to eliminate when to skip a question because of the way scoring works,” said Lutsky. “You don’t always lose points for skipping, but you may lose points for answering it incorrectly.” 

The boot camps will also teach how to use the short amount of time given for the test correctly.

“We will explain how to pace yourself because it’s a very short time test, and there’s lots of questions,” said Lutsky.

Lutsky noted that the boot camp offers the same benefits as other prep services at a lower cost and with more convenient timing.

“To be honest, it’s low cost,” said Lutsky. “Test prep can cost as much as thousands of dollars, so for a couple of hundred dollars, you get two days of prep. The way the boot camps have been timed is that there is an official test the other week, so it’s a really good reminder, even if you’ve already done prep, on what to expect.”