Singin’ in the Rain: The show goes on


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The CHS theater program is celebrating the successful run of its spring production, Singin’ in the Rain. Based on the classic 1952 film of the same name, the show, directed by William Garrett and choreographed by CHS alum Landon Starkman, opened March 21 and ran through March 25. 

Like most mainstage CHS productions, the show had two casts. In the “Black Cast,” lead roles were played by Bianca Linder (Kathy Selden), Jesse Brassler (Don Lockwood), Maggie McClure (Lina Lamont) and Emma Winnick (Cosmo Brown). The “Gold Cast” was led by Cassidy May Benullo (Kathy Selden), Nicholas Page (Don Lockwood), Abby Haimoff (Lina Lamont) and Noah Grismer (Cosmo Brown). The show featured dance sequences to beloved songs like “Good Morning,” “Make ‘Em Laugh,” “The Broadway Melody” and, the namesake of the show, “Singin’ in the Rain.”

“It was definitely the best experience I’ve had in theater so far,” said Benullo. “It was fascinating to step into the shoes of this iconic character but also find ways to make the character more independent and a stronger female role.” 

On the second night of performance, March 22, the Gold Cast faced an unprecedented circumstance when a tree fell in the PAEC parking lot shortly before performers took the stage. 

“It was a little jarring, especially because there was some misinformation,” said senior band flutist Aashi Jhawer. “But I’m glad that we were still able to help people have a good time through our music. I hope that anyone who was injured is doing okay.”

Despite uncertainty surrounding the situation at the time it occurred, the cast and band carried on professionally and put on the performance as planned. 

“We were doing warmups, and we could hear the sirens coming into the school, but the cast and crew did an amazing job of persevering, and the show must go on!” said Benullo.