CHS holds farewell senior pep rally


Riley Jackson

On May 26, CHS held its final pep rally of the 2022-23 school year, dedicated to this year’s senior class. The senior class opened the pep rally with a senior run-through into the gym. 

Graduating seniors had mixed emotions regarding the event, which marked the last rally of their high school career. 

“It was honestly really bittersweet for me,” said senior Skylar McLaren. “I mean, I think personally […] it was a really really good pep rally, and I was very happy with it. But it’s kind of sad [because] I’m leaving.”

Zoe Saltz, a senior and member of campus a capella group “Unstrumental,” recognized the rally as both a celebration of her high school community and the beginning of a new chapter.

“I loved walking through with Unstrumental, and I love my friends, but I’m also really excited for college,” said Saltz. 

In addition to the senior finale, the rally featured games and performances by the dance and cheer programs. 

“My favorite part was either when [participants] poured food on Mrs. Aviv or the dances,” said junior Kolette Tetlow. “The dances were really cool, and the cheerleaders were fantastic.”.

The pep rally also allowed students to reflect on appreciation for the school and their peers. 

“While I’m not the biggest fan [of the pep rallies and] I don’t have the most school spirit, I do love being here, and I appreciate everyone who goes here, and just seeing everyone getting ready to leave for the summer and go to college is really sad,” said Tetlow. 

Particularly in comparison to outdoor pep rallies from COVID years, students were enthusiastic about the rally as a culmination of a year back in the swing of things. 

“It’s a little crazy, this year has gone by so fast,” said sophomore Noah Grismer. “I think we had a real upgrade in pep rallies this year going from outdoor last year to an indoor light show, which was really fun.”