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It started with my first word as a child, as my small rosy lips mouthed the word “momma.” It continued to grow as I began reading aloud my first Dr.Seuss book. It gave me enough backbone as a child to throw tantrums and speak my mind, whether it be over which floral dress to wear or over which new Pokemon movie to watch. It serves as a reminder of the power that we all have, but often overlook.

My online dictionary defines the word voice as “the sound produced in a person’s larynx and uttered through the mouth, as speech or song.” On the surface, the voice is limited to just that definition; however, I realized that the voice holds a more contemplative meaning. For example, when depicted on sheet paper, musical composition looks like a foreign language full of whole notes, eight rests and key signatures. Nevertheless, it’s through a strong voice that allows music to grow and become influential. As a singer belts out the last few notes of her original song, it produces a melodic harmony that not only captivates her audience but allows her to establish a personal connection with them.

Personal connection gives people the opportunity to branch out in order to express themselves and fight for what they believe in. After all, what is a sign written in orange sharpie with the words “send our troops home” or “the war is over if you want it to be” without a hundred strong voices protesting the meaning behind it? The framework of American history is greatly developed with self-expression.

I couldn’t imagine what our world would be like today if its founders were forced to live their lives with tape over their mouths.

With determination and strong vocal chords, I have the potential to meet someone, communicate with someone, change someone or mean something to someone. Although everyone is given a voice, not everyone’s voice is heard. Many people keep their opinions and feelings to themselves and live life in a bubble, not necessarily experiencing it.

By using my voice, I have the power to make a significant change in the world and possibly inspire someone else to do the same. 

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