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As I sit here and write this letter to you, tears stream down my face, and I struggle to convey my feelings from my head to the paper. Nine years ago my life was shattered into millions of pieces due to the tragedy of your death and I wanted to fill you in on what you have missed. So here goes.

I successfully made it through the ugliest stage of my life, elementary school. I missed having you by my side at the Father Daughter dances while dancing the night away to cheesy pop songs. Headbands and eyeglasses got the best of me at Round Meadow, but somehow I made it through the years.

I ventured on to middle school and anxiously felt belittled by all the older kids.  Three years of my life were spent wondering what my middle school experience would have been like if you were there to lead me along the way. The day finally came when I graduated and I looked out into the crowd waiting to see your dazzling smile but I was disappointed yet again. Although it was hard to grasp onto the feeling that I was ending another chapter of my life without you being there, I remembered everything you taught me and used it to make my way through A. E. Wright.

Here I am now, stuck in high school. I remember when I was a little girl and you would look into my deep green eyes and warn me about all the boys and scary things that awaited me in high school. But, two years at CHS and I am excelling in everything I strive to accomplish. Your comforting hugs would have come in very handy at this stage of my life, with midnight panic attacks and studying for things I know really will not matter later in life, but I am doing pretty well on my own (and the patience of Mama Fuld of course). High school has been a very interesting time for me and I know you would be so proud of all of the accomplishments I have made thus far. Although my journey in high school is still continuing, I know an important piece of the puzzle will be missing when I graduate and move on to the next stage of my life.

Although no child should have to endure the pain of losing a parent, your death has made me a stronger individual. I have learned to cope with my emotions and realize it is okay to not be okay. Everyone feels pain in his or her life and it makes that person stronger and wiser.

I know right now you are looking down and smiling at me. I hope I have made you proud and will continue to make you proud in the future. I love and miss you daddy.

10/10/03 RIP
Forever and always,
Your Little Princess

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