The Art of Stew

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I would have never thought that in my life I would resort to a 1998 mini van as a safe haven from society. Yet, this past summer, I spent four days living out of one with my best buds. On July 22, we set off on our journey venturing up the coast. When we arrived at our first stop in Bakersfield, it hit me—I had just bought myself a one-way caravan ride away from the ordinary and into the world of new experiences. I began to expand my view of the environment past the framing of our magic school bus, and out into the bustling cities and tranquil seaside. While on the road, my friends and I forged a strong dynamic. When I arrived in Oakland the next night, I was struck with a 102 degree fever; my boys did not have a mother’s touch, but they did take utmost care of re-wetting my washcloth to keep my fever from climbing. Fortunately, I felt much better the next day, and we embarked on our San Francisco escapade.

I watched the trees in Golden Gate Park gently sway in the breeze, and the world around me became illuminated. The homeless collective, the dog-walkers and the business-buyers, brought me to the conclusion that this park connects all different walks of life and gives everyone an escape from the frazzling city-life of San Francisco. I admired the natural beauty of the park and the chaos enveloping it. In that moment of pure serenity, I was privileged to see beauty feeding off of beauty. I felt a change in myself – a change that enabled me to perceive and appreciate my time with others far more than I had ever before.

I then found myself in my room, trying to understand how and why I had gotten there. Then, I suddenly became aware that my 2012 summer road-trip was but a memory frozen in time forever. I later came to the realization that my struggle to truly live was merely achieved by simply being. Using the right tools to achieve bliss, and surrounding myself with heartwarming people was the most flawless plan for fabricating an everlasting community. It will follow me wherever I may go for the rest of my life, and beyond. From this point forward, I will now see the world through the eyes of a person who sees all in the light of beauty.

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