Lida Dianti - Features Editor

My name is Lida Dianti, and I am addicted to Facebook.  The first step to recovery is admitting I have a problem.  For the majority of my life I have enjoyed living through my newsfeed –scrolling through song lyrics, political debates and “selfies” was the drug to my addiction.  I compiled a number of reasons why I should make my relationship with this social media site not Facebook official.

* Confession #1: Hey, it is so great to meet you!  What is your name again?  Just kidding, I have already mentally liked all of your pictures on Facebook, and you are basically my newsfeed.

* Confession #2: Yes, I have successfully found all of my teachers on Facebook.  Guys, it is called a privacy setting. Use it.

* Confession #3: No, really I totally did not see your picture on the top of my newsfeed… I really think you should share it again.

* Confession #4: “Like the picture, not the link!”  I liked the link just to bother you.  That is what you get for sharing your photo. (See confession #3.)

* Confession #5: Honestly…what is a civil union?

* Confession #6: If you made a Facebook for your dog, expect me to unfriend you.

* Confession #7: I am really glad that you use Facebook as your online diary.  I love hearing about how your boyfriend of two days cheated on you.

* Confession #8: I have actually never been to one of those sketchy house parties, but I always click “attending.”  I do it so people think I have a life, but I am actually on Facebook all night. (It is called invisible.)

* Confession #9: I can tell that you are super intellectual because you use “indie” quotes on all your profile pictures.  Can I be you?

* Confession #10: Oh, nice to see you changed your Facebook name just around college season!  I love finding out everyone’s middle names.

These are the confessions of a Facebook addict, a personal reminder of why I should stop refreshing my newsfeed.