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A pinch of an interesting story/background

A scoop of extra-curricular activities

A hint of AP/honors courses

A splash of an amazing essay

5.0 GPA

36 on the ACT or 2400 on the SAT

PREP: 4 years

COOK: 3 months

READY ON: 1 day


Add all of these ingredients together and mix.  Stress out to 450 degrees.  After everything is done, you will be accepted to the university of your choice.

As I sat working on my college applications, I thought about what really makes the perfect prospective student.  I realized how much of a guessing game the entire application process is.  Despite my recipe above, there are no set numbers (only scoops and sprinkles of items) to guarantee college acceptance.

Although we all try our best to find out what the colleges want and try to mold ourselves into that type of applicant, there is nothing we can do but be ourselves.  I can dream of my acceptance letter to every Ivy League school, but I cannot be someone I am not.  I have done all I can to show who I am, and I can easily say that I would not change anything about me or what I have accomplished thus far.

So, colleges, if you want me to attend your school next fall, I cannot wait to be there; if not, that is okay too.  Despite this recipe for the “perfect college applicant,” I am happy to be just me.

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