Lida Dianti - Features Editor

The truth is getting into a car accident is not as fun as it sounds.  Several weeks ago all of the jokes about driving on the wrong side of the road and passing a few red lights were suddenly not funny anymore.  You guessed it—I finally got what was coming to me after many close calls.  Although I wasn’t particularly surprised that I got into a huge car accident, it definitely caught me off guard.  I guess the speed limit is not just a friendly suggestion…

Not only did I total my car but I also now have to rely on my parents for transportation.  I guess I’m glad I never learned how to parallel park—it never came in handy and now it never will. According to my mom, this accident was a great lesson and experience for me—she knows that I will never drive “recklessly” again.   As the only senior without a car, I have had a lot of extra time (as I have waited for my parents to pick me up) to reflect and I think that maybe this accident was a blessing in disguise.

I definitely do not miss speed walking (running for my life) to my car every day after school.  Especially considering I would risk my life and quickly pull out of my parking space so that I could escape both the traffic of the senior lot and dissenting looks from parents picking up their kids from the drop off zone.  Not to mention, I will not miss that car that would always steal my favorite parking space in the lot. (I see you, car in the first row, second space; I guess you can have it now.)

Just think of all the lives I am saving by not being on the road. Can you say Time magazine’s person of the year?  I think so.

I have always been told that there is no value for education.  That is actually a lie—this last “lesson” has cost me 8 dollars an hour; at this rate, I can pay off a down payment on a children’s bicycle (if I take out a student loan).

On the plus side, I no longer deal with the hassles of maintaining a real social life.  No car, no problem!  Hulu Plus is the perfect replacement.  In all honesty, I miss my car and all of the things I once took for granted.  To all of you teens who drive, be afraid, and try not to be total morons.  You could be next.