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A lot of people joke around and say that their dog is their best friend, but when I say it, I mean it.  All my life I have felt a special connection to animals, and the one I share with Kobe, my beautiful Australian Shepard, is no different.  Here are some of the main reasons why hanging out with animals can be more fun and fulfilling than being with people:

1) Animals never judge.  They may not understand a lot of things people say or do, but thanks to a lack of cognitive development, they literally lack the ability to judge you.  My dog will never understand how weird I am, and I love him for that.

2) A lot of the time getting people to like you is hard.  All my dog needs is a piece of food and he instantly loves me.

3) When girls complain about boyfriend weather and having no one to cuddle with, I can cuddle my dog and avoid girls like that all at the same time.

4) Friends can be high-maintenance and opinionated.  If you feel like doing one thing, they can disagree and argue to do something else.  Animals are more easy-going.  For example, a horse would not only agree with the plan, he would even carry you there.

5) Animals are drama-free.  They almost never get mad, and if anything does happen, they forget within 30 seconds.  I have 99 problems, but a dog is never one.

6) Everything is simply cuter when it is fluffy.

If you ever feel ashamed to stay home with your pet, these reasons can help remind you why you are making the right decision.  Personally, I do not think I could have made it through these last 4 years without nights with my dog, whether I was studying for 5 tests or just taking some time to relax.  As college inches closer and closer, I am preparing myself for days without my Kobe and no other option but to spend more time with people.  While this will probably enhance my social skills, leaving my baby boy is definitely going to be a struggle.

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