The Editors-in-Chief Say Goodbye…Peyton’s Place

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People always look for a best friend they can trust, someone they can share everything with, someone who knows them as well, if not better, than they know themselves.  The majority of best friends could tell stories about what the other was like when they both were younger.  Very few, however, could say they were best friends before birth. I can because I am a triplet.

My entire life I have never really had the opportunity to be my own individual.  Despite the fact that my brother and sister and I act and look absolutely nothing alike, I have been called Chandler and Logan numerous times.  Most of my experiences have not been just mine- everything has been ours, shared, and done together.  Although the occasional jumbling of names can get quite frustrating, I could not imagine what my life would be like if they were not here.  I have had so many unique challenges and opportunities that typical siblings have not faced.

Since the beginning, the three of us have competed over everything.  Events occur at exactly the same time in the same place for all three of us: driving tests, important exams and AP results, and these trials cause our sibling rivalry to become stronger and more evident.  As a triplet, I have gained not only finely tuned empathetic skills, but also a unique understanding of the balance of when to be competitive and when to pull back, when to enjoy my moment in the spotlight and when to withdraw a little, when to hold my ground and fight back and when to sit back and listen.

Next year everything is going to change.  I will be majoring in business honors at the University of Texas-Austin.  I will be on my own for the first time without my brother and sister there.  Although it will be very different, this change is for the best.  I will finally have my own experiences.   I will get the chance to go to a school where no one knows anything about me and have my own first day of school.  I will truly just be Peyton for the first time.  I will at last be my own individual, not just a Grenley or one of the triplets.  I will soon say goodbye to Calabasas and hello to a whole new set of firsts.  While I cannot wait to get away and be on my own, I know that my heart will also be with Chandler and Logan in Wisconsin and Maryland.

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