The Editors-in-Chief Say Goodbye…Write on, Yvonne!

Yvonne Tarrab - Editor-in-Chief-at-Large

The following is a letter written to my future self, to be read the day I graduate from college. Dear Yvonne,

Congratulations on graduating from the University of Southern California! If you can remember, four years ago your 18-year-old self graduated from CHS and had many plans for college and the future. Let me take you back to where I am now in 2013…

I cannot tell you how many times I have wished for my life to go faster. How many times I have been sitting at my desk in class, peering up at the clock and wishing that I could will the minute and hour hands to magically move more quickly. I continually have been tempted to press the fast-forward button on my life; however, I am done with living in future (well, with the exception of this letter, of course).

As I sit here in my room, with my yearbook and prom photos to my left, and my cap and gown to my right, I am exactly one week away from graduating high school. As usual, I am emotional, nostalgic and sentimental, but mostly, I am excited. I am ready for all college has to offer. I hope that regardless of any hardships you have experienced over the last four years, that you have valued your time at USC and have truly allowed yourself to be the strong, confident individual I know you are.

Throughout high school, there were too many times that I remained silent, wanting to say something, then reeling it in time and time again. I have fond memories at CHS, but I recognize that much of the time I was too much in my own head. The problem is I cannot take back words I failed to ever say. So, I want you to learn from me. I want you to make a conscious effort to always be the real you, I want you to connect with others and build relationships, unafraid of being hurt, I want you to share your voice, fearless of the unknown, and most importantly, I want you to relish in the present, keep your family and friends by your side and do what you love. Follow your passion, and I know that you will shine.

Fight on!