Pey Attention

Peyton Herzog - Features Editor

“You’re from Calabasas?  Do you know the Kardashians?”


While some may view “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” as their guilty pleasure, this reality show is ruining my social life.  Whether I am on a college tour or on summer vacation, I am always bombarded with this constantly asked question.  Automatically assuming that every Calabasas resident knows this infamous family is just one of the many Calabasas falsehoods.  Here is a list of other Calabasas myths.


1)  Myth: Dash is the hippest store.  The Kardashians are always there!


Truth: Actually, Dash was so unpopular that it was shut down.  Also, the Kardashians were never at their “popular” store.  Why do you think it closed?


8)Myth: Seeing Justin Bieber is no big deal.  He is practically everyone’s neighbor.


Truth: Just about every teenage fan screams in delight when they see Justin Bieber driving down Parkway in his cheetah Audi R8.  After all, he is still a pop star.


9)Myth: Do not even think about wearing anything other than Lululemons while working out.  Anything less is simply unacceptable.


Truth: Yes, I love rocking a pair of Lulus, but I prefer to sweat it out in a less expensive ensemble.


10)Myth: Every Calabasas resident is stuck up and snobby.


Truth: Despite Calabasas’ reputation for snobby teenagers, it is possible to obtain good friendships.  I have made an abundance of down-to-earth friends in this isolated bubble.  Maybe Calabasas is not so bad after all.